Posted by: Andy | April 25, 2016

Vanuatu (Ripablik blong Vanuatu), Infinity Expedition Part I

Nice to see someone else’s experience on Infinity, not only different people but different cruising area to where I was. Its also super cool to go traveling with your children!



After six weeks of very satisfying but rather rough traveling, we arrived in Port Villa, Vanuatu, itching for a brief change of pace from our backpacker-style journey. Tyler’s foot wound was worse and all of us were just plain tired-out so we hunkered down in our new, well-appointed room in Mele Bay. We took our first hot showers in the South Pacific, and watched at least a dozen Game of Thrones episodes while Ethan played in the kids’ recreation room. After a short stretch of relative dormancy we awakened refreshed and ready to be adventurers once again.

We spent the next couple days exploring Port Vila, or ‘Vila’ as its commonly known throughout the South Pacific. Widely regarded as the nicest city in the South Pacific (which isn’t necessarily saying much as most cities in the Pacific are pretty gross), it’s a clean town built along the shores of a…

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  1. Andy, what a life! We’re in Corfu town, it’s great. heading in for pot smashing celebrations tomorrow. if you want to hang with some oldies we are leaving about 7ish. Need to check bus timetable but for good spot need to plan breakfast in the square. Understand if you’ve managed to hook up with Greek boat goddesses or don’t want to hang around with people your parents age! Cathy & Ian

    • sounds good, I’m going to be in town tomorrow morning, i believe they start smashing pots at 11am. I don’t think i will make it in as early as 7am, will cycle in at some point. Maybe you can send me your phone number to andysgonesailing(at) thanks 🙂

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