Posted by: Andy | July 26, 2015

Dear World

Dear World,

I have been enjoying you a lot since my last blog update. I meant to update this much more frequently and share (and hopefully inspire others) with my latest adventures. I am aware that it has been well over a year since my last post.

My issue now is that I have SO many adventures I don’t really know where to start!

Why have I not kept things up to date? Well, err, um, I have been busy and err, how do I put this, lazy and distracted by more adventures than I could have ever dreamed of. So for that I apologise. I am now back. I WILL update regularly and share with you my ever changing, constantly exciting life and adventures!

I have big plans for the blog and want to make it into a travel/adventure magazine featuring other adventurers and inspirational heroes of mine. I am writing all of this so I can be held accountable to myself. Over the coming months, expect to read about those who inspire me plus all of my latest misadventures.

So what have I been up to since I last blogged in March 2014 (just after my Southern Ocean and Antarctica adventure)? Not much, but lowlights include;

Trekking in Chilean Patagonia on the ‘W Trek’ in Torres del Paine National Park.

Patagonia glacier

Grey Glacier in the Torre del Paines National Park

patagonia horse clouds

Horse in the Torres del Paines National Park, Patagonia

Watching sunrise over Lake Titicaca from the summit of a 6000m peak in Bolivia.

Summit of Huyani Potasi

Summit shot on top of Huyani Potasi, 6088m, in Bolivia, you can see the shadow of the mountain over lake Titicaca in Peru

Huyani Potasi approach ridge

Ridge leading to the summit of Huyani Potasi

Trekking to Machu Pichu

machu trek

Approaching the Salkantay pass, 4600m, en route to Machu Pichu

machu lama

Cheeky Lama photobombing the obligatory Machu Pichu shot

Working as Captain in Greece and Croatia which was terrible and not enjoyable at all.

Commanding a vessel of unruly sailors in Croatia


Hydra in Greece

Cheeky trip to Singapore for the F1 before revisiting Borneo the Philippines and Palau where I had my first Manta Ray encounter.


Relaxing at the night grand prix in Singapore

Jellyfish Lake

Freediving in jellyfish lake in Palau

Spending a couple of months in Nepal (just before the earthquake) trekking to Everest Base Camp and going on safari for the first time.

Basecamp Everest

With my friend Sean at Everest Basecamp just a few weeks before the fatal earthquake and avalanche


Enjoying the Himalaya near Namche Baazar

My latest adventure is back in the Mediterranean where I am working as Captain on another luxury sailing yacht. So far we have sailed all over the Adriatic, but thats another story….

I will be updating much more frequently and giving some stories from the last year as well as some more recent ones, hit the follow button at the top of the page so you don’t miss out!

If what you have just read wets your appetite, don’t be jealous, be inspired, go have your own adventures and most importantly, inspire others to do the same.

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