Posted by: Andy | December 18, 2013

Superyachting in the snow, bye bye America!

Images that spring to mind when thinking of super yachting include; warm summers days, drinks on the French Riviera, tropical beaches and racing in the Caribbean but not snow! My last yacht didn’t work out, the yacht was cursed and as the other yachts in the marina started to get replaced by snow and ice it was time to make a move.



Making snow angels on deck!


90 foot Gunboat  stepping their carbon fibre mast in a blizzard!


Snowy Owl in Rhode Island

Not everything in life is meant to be and my last job, which only weeks ago I was super excited about, was definitely not meant to be. In fact, due to a never ending to-do list and less than zero time to accomplish all necessary tasks there ended up being an entire crew mutiny. The final straw was when the water temperature dropped 5 degrees overnight resulting in us not being to run the compressors and heat the yacht. We ended up having to buy electric heaters which biggest effect was tripping our electrics!


Our Captain embarassed to be having to buy electric heaters to heat a superyacht!

I do believe that everything in life happens for a reason so I am not too bothered about my first mates position not working out. In fact, I ended up coming home and turning up out of the blue at my parents house in Scotland which was a fun surprise. It looks like i will be spending my first Christmas at “home” for five years. I am enjoying catching up with neglected friends and family with some much needed time off. Prior to yesterday, I hadn’t had more than two consecutive days off since last November and my last trip home to see the family had been a grand total of thirteen hours!

The worst part about the whole situation was flying on my birthday and losing five hours due to moving time zones. I am still trying to work out how to get those five hours of birthday back…….

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